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Evénement professionnel majeur de tout l’écosystème de santé, la Paris Healthcare Week vous propose 3 jours d’interactions entre les acteurs des secteurs sanitaires et médico-social.

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Paris Healthcare Week – 29 – 31 mai 2018 – Porte de Versailles – Pavillons 7.2 / 7.3

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Exhibitors’ warning

Exhibitors’ warning

Make sure you are only dealing with appointed PG PROMOTION staff in connection with any promotional activities related to the event.


Recently, some companies form South America tricked exhibitors with their misleading directory services.


Their current activities cover companies throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia.


These companies claim to offer online listing services. They use a form which resembles an organiser’s free catalogue listing service, inviting exhibitors to complete the form for an entry in an on-line directory. Unsuspecting exhibitors who sign and return the form are then contracted into a three-year, non-retractable agreement, which could cost the exhibitor a significant amount of money, with no foreseeable benefits.


These publications have no connection with exhibition organisers or any of their events. It is important that all companies who are exhibiting are made aware of this.


We strongly advise all exhibitors and the entire exhibition community, to be most vigilant against this and similar organizations. These organizations can cause extreme damage and harm to the reputation of the exhibition industry.


There are many so called guides that mail deceptive contracts and then harass those who sign them in error for money. However the sheer scale and systematic way in which these guides attack the credibility of our exhibition industry is outrageous.


See details on the French government : http://www.economie.gouv.fr/dgccrf/annuaires-professionnels-attention-aux-arnaques